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January 30, 2007

Race, Rhetoric, and Composition Chapter 9

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Okawa, Gail Y. “Removing Masks: Confronting Graceful Evasion and Bad Habits in a Graduate English Class.” 124-143.

In her article, Okawa describes a multicultural graduate composition class she taught to masters’ students in English teacher education and professional writing/editing/publishing. In the course, she challenged students to explore how different minority groups are “masked” by popular culture, the media, and American history. The second project was for the students to unmask one of these pervasive stereotypes. She explained how the students, many who have never dealt personally with issues of race until they were in high school or college. Okawa firmly believes that students’ interaction with multiculturalism must be both personal and reflexive.

Quotable Quote

“Now, with others, I have learned that confronting difference and race in discourse and in life – beyond surfaces of politeness – must penetrate to our very bones. Removing masks, imposed, superimposed, self-imposed, must be a dynamic, not a static process. It ultimately must be communal. It, finally. must be useful and liberating” (141).


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