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May 1, 2009

Haswell and Wyche-Smith, Adventuring into Writing Assessment

Haswell, Richard and Susan Wyche-Smith. “Adventuring into Writing Assessment.” CCC 45 (1994): 220-236. In Assessing Writing. Eds. Huot and O’Neill. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2009. 203-217.

Haswell and Wyche-Smith, from Washington State University, explain the process by which they had a direct influence and control over the new writing assessment put into place at their institution and use their story to give other WPAs and composition faculty advice for how to create writing assessments. Their advice is four-fold: 1. assume administrators want the writing faculty to create the assessment (even if it seems that they don’t); 2. let local context shape the assessment, not vice versa; 3. take into consideration recent scholarship on assessment; 4. solict advice and suggestions from the teaching staff, who will be using and maintaining the assessment system.

Quotable Quotes

“Writing teachers should be leery of assessment tools made by others…they should, and can, make their own.” (204).

Notable Notes

my idea – look at writing assessment arguments K-U with the quality assurance programs put into place with ISO certification


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