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December 8, 2010

Brumberger, The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

Brumberger, Eva. “The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: One Verison of the ‘Humane’ Lectureship.” In Moving a Mountain. Eds. Schell and Stock. Urbana: NCTE, 2000. 91-106.

Brumberger investigates the benefits and consequences of full-time non-tenure-track instructorships, using interviews, documents, and responses from a small survey of the writing teachers at the University of Wyoming. Though the lectureships have increased the working conditions of the lecturers and their place in the university, they still continue a split in the valuing of the teaching of writing and of literature, as evidenced by their lower pay, inability to teach upper-division courses, inaccess to paid research leaves, and limited voting rights in the department. In the CWPA external evalution of the Wyoming Program, the evaluator suggested improvements, including making rhetoric and composition a more integral part of the English department’s mission and undergraduate major program.

Notes and Quotes

University of Wyoming created a “probationary to extended term academic professional lecturer” (P/ET APL) in 1992 – designed to hire and retain teachers without PhDs. They have a yearly reappointment process; have a 6-year probation period followed by a six-year renewable contract, 78% teaching and 22% professional development, a 4/3 load. Includes non-classroom assignments like tutoring in the writing center.

argues of the benefit of hiring from outside, national searches.


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