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May 18, 2011

Costello, Send Our Roots Rain

Costello, Charles P., S.J. “Send Our Roots Rain.” Foundations. Jesuit Secondary Education Association. 1991

New edition of the Preamble to the Constitution of the Jesuit Secondary Education Association (first was in 1971, this is the 20-year anniversary)

The Jesuit Secondary Education Association argues that Jesuit secondary schools need to reinvigorate their claim to a Jesuit identity by investigating what it means to offer a Jesuit education. Ignatian pedagogy, they argue, has a 400-year-old history and is a viable way to prepare students to be active community leaders and discerning thinkers in today’s world. The goal of Jesuit education is not academic excellence exclusively; it is promoting the growth of the Kingdom of God. A Jesuit institution can only prepare students to have an Ignatian worldview if their teachers, both Jesuit and lay, understand the Ignatian pedagogical tradition.

The Association explains some of the features of an Ignatian pedagogy: contemplatio (developing affective experiences of knowing, appreciation of God in nature and in knowledge, cultivating the affect through experiences of community, companionship, and human interaction); detachment (stripping away attachments to previously-held values, assumptions in order to free a person to follow God’s calling); a commitment to social justice; understanding the deep drama and seriousness in our daily decisions; embracing a dialectic of action and understanding; and magis (a thrist for more and a quest for greater good.)

Notes and Quotes

“Men and women inspired by the Ignatian vision are dreamers, utopians. They also hunger and thrist for the dance of life, for that feeling of transcendence by which they break through the limits of ‘merely’ human existence into the joyful life of the Christian. They find their fulfillment in loving and serving others” (5)


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