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December 9, 2010

Lovas, How Did We Get in This Fix

Lovas, John C. “How Did We Get in This Fix? A Personal Account of the Shift to a Part-Time Faculty in a Leading Two-Year College District.” In Moving a Mountain. Eds. Schell and Stock. Urbana: NCTE, 2000. 196-217.

Lovas documents the over-use and over-reliance on part-time faculty in American colleges by describing the situation at his 2-year Silicon Valley institution and argues that the best solution to this problem Рwhich he contends affects everyone from adjuncts and their full-time colleagues to taxpayers, legislators and administrators Рis for part-time faculty themselves to organize and create strong faculty unions that are supported by legislators and the public. He ties full-time or permanent part-time positions to quality undergraduate teaching.

Notes and Quotes

baby boom overwhelmed state college systems – an economic solution was to hire lots of part-timers

Foothill-De Anza Community College District

problem reaches beyond individual institutions – to state legislators, who have a say in state-run universities – and to the taxpayers and public

freeway flyers

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