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February 16, 2008

Hasimoto “Voice as Juice: Reservations about Evangelic Composition”

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Hasimoto, I. “Voice as Juice: Reservations about Evangelic Composition.” CCC 38.1 (Feb 1987): 70-80. 

Hasimoto equates composition’s obsession with the concept of voice in writing with Christian evangelism. Using the descriptions of the writer’s voice by compositionists like Elbow and Murray, Hasimoto shows how the discipline favors writing that has “voice” – energy, emotion, power, individuality, and feeling – and demonizes “academic” writing. He argues that writing with a “voice” is not appropriate for all students and in all situations. Also, he points out that advocates for writing with a “voice” use anti-intellectual appeals that undermine the importance of teaching college composition.

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